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Your home is your biggest investment and is the center for all of your family and friends gatherings. You want to keep it looking nice and Finch Services is here to help.

We carry lawn and garden mowers as well as all the equipment you need to tackle the week-end project.

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Weeding the Garden
Weeds – the enemy of all gardeners. Fight back by denying them what they need to grow: sunlight and water. You can use sheets of newspaper or plastic – even plastic trash bags – to cover the soil. Anchor the sheets with soil, bricks, or drip irrigation staples. Then cut Xs in the paper or plastic to create openings to set in transplants. That way, the weed seeds can’t get the water and sunshine they need to grow, but your plants get everything they need to prosper. Another method is to use your grass clippings to combat weeds. Dry them out first by spreading them on a driveway. (Otherwise, decomposing clippings will pull nitrogen out of the garden soil.) When you spread the dried clippings on your garden, make a thick layer. A few weeds will still sprout, but they’ll be thin and weak and very easy to pull.

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